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4Life Transfer Factor™ PLUS Tri-Factor™ Formula - 90 capsules

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Dietary supplement with cow colostrum & egg yolk and with ingredients to support the immune system

• This successful product contains cow colostrum, egg yolk and the power of our proprietary Cordyvant™ blend.

• Improves overall well-being by meeting your body's needs.

• Supports your body with the power of our exclusive Tri-Factor™ Formula.

• 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula is perfect for all ages, young and old.

• It contains a number of ingredients that strengthen your most important line of defense - your immune system. This product represents 4Life's highest level of wellness enhancement. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula combines the 4Life Tri-Factor Formula with the power of our Cordyvant™ blend to strengthen your body's well-being. The in-house Cordyvant blend contains, among other things, maitake and shiitake mushrooms, cordyceps, beta-glucan and olive leaf extracts.

•Transfer factors are tiny messenger molecules that transmit natural reaction information in the body.

4Life pays meticulous attention to the procurement and origin of raw materials. This ensures that only the finest ingredients are used:

The selection of raw materials (particularly high-quality ingredients such as cow colostrum) is carried out according to strict criteria. In addition, 4Life carries out evaluations and audits of its suppliers.

4Life relies on highly efficient extraction processes (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration) to obtain the ingredients. This allows us to extract the smallest active molecules and enrich each capsule with the highest concentration of the ingredient.

The process for extracting transfer factors from cow colostrum is patented by 4Life.

The final formulation of the products is adapted to the individual markets.

Each recipe goes through various pilot tests with physical and sensory evaluations.

4Life relies on state-of-the-art production facilities that...
have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification from NSF ® International. This certification confirms that 4Life uses appropriate procedures,

Facilities and quality controls ensure that nutritional supplements of the highest quality are produced. Every production step - from the selection of raw materials to packaging - is strictly controlled by 4Life. This ensures products of the highest quality.


Take three (3) capsules daily with 240 ml of liquid.


· 4Life Tri-FactorTM Formula (cow colostrum [milk] and egg yolk)

· Inositol hexaphosphate,
· Soybean powder (Glycine max L. Merr.)
· Stabilizer (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose),

· Cordyceps mycelium extract (Cordyceps sinensis (B.) Saccardo)

· Fermented baker's yeast,
· Zinc mono-L-methionine sulfate
Almond mushroom fruiting body extract (Agaricus blazeii Muril)

· Aloe vera leaf powder (Aloe barbadensis), · Oat extract (Avena sativa L.),
· Olive leaf extract (Olea europaea L.),
Lemon flavor Shiitake fruit body extract (Lentinula edodes (Berk) Pegler)

· Maitake fruit body extract (Grifola frondosa SF Gray),
· Water

Amount per daily dose

Zinc - 10mg
Inositol - 300mg
Soy - 240mg
Colostrum - 210mg
Egg yolk - 90mg
Cordyceps - 69.9mg
fermented baker's yeast - 57.9mg
Almond mushroom - 35.1mg
Aloe Vera - 33.9mg
Oats - 33.3mg
Olive leaf - 30mg
Shiitake - 9.9mg
Maitake - 9.9m

ALL 4Life products are GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PROCESS) certified
4Life Transfer Factor™ PLUS Tri-Factor™ Formula - 90 capsules
4Life Transfer Factor™ PLUS Tri-Factor™ Formula - 90 capsules Sale price79.00€

⚡Including Express Shipping⚡
Same day shipping for orders placed before 1pm !

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