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Article: Weekly report from Dr. Christina Rahm - Gratitude

Wochenreport von Dr. Christina Rahm - Dankbarkeit

Weekly report from Dr. Christina Rahm - Gratitude

For those who celebrate, Thanksgiving is just around the corner... a day of gratitude for the things and people you have around you.

But even for those who don't celebrate, you can make November a month of gratitude. I believe that gratitude is one of the most important ways to show someone you care. That's why I like giving gifts so much.

The importance of gratitude cannot be underestimated. Not only does it increase our well-being and happiness, but it can also strengthen relationships and promote a positive attitude to life. Gratitude has been scientifically proven to have a number of positive effects on our mental and physical well-being.

Take some time each day to think about all the things you are grateful for and find ways to give back to those around you. An attitude of gratitude and giving will not only increase your well-being, but also improve your relationships and benefit those around you.

And as you know, ROOT wants to give back this month by giving away a TESLA Model 3 to one lucky member of this community! Root will award a 2-year lease or monthly cash bonus to a member of our community. Since New Year's Day 2022, Prime members have received a participation ticket with every single RPS order. And now November is here and I know we are all very excited!

You know that your commitment is very important to us. We appreciate the dedication and commitment you give to yourself, and we are very, very grateful that you make ROOT an important part of your everyday life.

Our first-class membership and loyalty program, Root Prime Subscription (RPS), is based on these principles. RPS rewards members with free/discounted shipping on second and subsequent orders. It rewards everyone for their commitment with product credits of $50 - $100, depending on order volume, every time 4 consecutive, recurring orders are completed. RPS members also get first access to new products, accompanied by special pre-launch pricing.

RPS's anniversary is approaching and we have some very fun things planned. So pay attention in the next few weeks because you don't want to miss anything!!! We won't leave anything out. We strive to show you how much we value everyone in the community!

With light and love,

Dr. Christina Rahm

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