„We want people to be completely relaxed, naturally beautiful and healthy, and that they can enjoy their lives

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Help your body NOW to rid itself of all burdens such as toxins, heavy metals, herbicides, etc. and order your first ROOT CLEAN SLATE via the link below.

As a THANK YOU and as a support on your way to perfect balance and optimal well-being, we give you a 55 Euro (fifty-five ) voucher*, applicable to all Walgenbach products.

But not only that!!

As a member of our ROOT-Walgenbach Community***, we will set up a personal lifetime discount** of 20% on all Walgenbach products after you redeem your voucher in your Walgenbach customer account.

But that wasn't all! We are going one step further!

ROOT has decided to use a new type of affiliate marketing (referral marketing) to market its products.

When you open your customer account, you will automatically receive your personal recommendation link, which you can forward to family, friends and acquaintances. If they order through your link, they will also receive a 55 Euro voucher and a lifetime discount** of 20%. The same then applies to the friends of your friends, etc.

We will be happy to send you more information about ROOT's affiliate program.
In these challenging times we have set ourselves the goal to help as many people as possible to achieve inner balance and optimal well-being with CLEAN SLATE and our Walgenbach products.

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This is how simple it is:

  • Press the button "ORDER HERE" below.
  • You will be redirected to the ROOT site. You can register there without obligation and of course free of charge. IMPORTANT! Make sure that the name Walgenbach is in the field "Referred by (Code)". Only then you are assigned to our community and receive the voucher & the lifetime discount as well as the full support of our team.
  • Choose your products in the store and complete the order. You can pay either by credit card or by Paypal.
  • After completing your order you will receive your personal Walgenbach voucher code* worth 55€, which you can use on all Walgenbach products.
    After your first order in the Walgenbach store, we will deposit the Lifetime discount** of 20% in your customer account.

More information on Clean Slate


  • Full support by the Walgenbach team
  • 55 Euro voucher* for all first orders for you, your & further referrals, i.e. all first orders in the ROOT-Walgenbach Community***.
  • 20% lifetime discount** for all members in the ROOT-Walgenbach Community***.
  • You will only receive 100% original goods directly from the German warehouse of the company Root.



  • Your personal voucher code is valid for 1 year
  • Not to be combined with other vouchers and discount codes
  • The voucher is applicable to all Walgenbach products
  • By placing an order on this website, you give Now2You Handels GmbH, as the operator of this website, permission to contact you by e-mail regarding the processing of your order.
  • The Now2You Handels GmbH cooperates exclusively with the original manufacturer's site
  • Delivery is made directly from the European warehouse of the company ROOTS
  • Cash payment of the voucher is not possible.


  • Exclusive discount for our ROOT-Walgenbach Community***.
  • The lifetime-discount is a personal discount in your customer account in the Walgenbach Shop and is valid for all Walgenbach products.
  • Not to be combined with other vouchers or discount codes.


ROOT-Walgenbach Community***

If you register or order via our referral link at ROOT, you are automatically assigned to our ROOT-Walgenbach Community and benefit from the above mentioned advantages. The same applies to your and their recommendations. Everyone in our community receives the same benefits and support for a healthy and carefree life.