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Rimoco spices

The origin story of Rimoco

Discovering unforgettable flavors and recipes on a trip is an experience you'll never want to miss again! Ben and Richard always had a similar experience when they returned from their trips to Saarland. The flavors we had grown to love suddenly seemed unattainably distant. It quickly became clear: the spices had to be made yourself!

Together with the team of enthusiastic hobby chefs and professional connoisseurs, Rimoco prefers to work on new flavor compositions or to find new, exciting spices and herbs on the world's markets.

Rimoco's mission

Rimoco would like to inspire you to discover new taste experiences and take you on a journey of discovery through the wide world of spices! Spices of the highest organic quality, free of additives, are essential for this.

Quality and freshness

No compromises on the quality of the individual ingredients mean more intensity, more aroma and more taste! This begins with the selection of the freshest individual spices, which are ground in the Rimoco spice mill shortly before bottling or further processing. Immediately afterwards, our spice mixtures are refined with great attention to detail and finally packed and sealed by hand in our aromatic spice tins.

Innovation & Sustainability at Rimoco

At Rimoco, the products are packaged and preserved sustainably in a refillable, elegant metal can with an aroma protection lid. Rimoco's labels are also particularly robust: They are made of a special washable material that can withstand even grease and coarse contamination. In addition, with a number coding and a practical color code, they offer an ideal solution for creating order in your spice rack or drawer.

Why organic spices are better for your health

Rimoco spices

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More information

The spice manufacturer from Saarbrücken stands for the highest organic quality. With 250 spices and spice mixtures, a huge selection awaits you. We have included an essence of the most interesting spices in our range because good taste and aromas are also our passion. Conventional spices are often very contaminated with toxins. Therefore, using organic spices is an important part of prevention to keep your body free of environmental toxins. A sophisticated numbering system helps you find your way through the variety of spices. The individual spices are always ground in the in-house mill shortly before bottling or further processing, before they are then lovingly filled and sealed by hand into high-quality spice jars.