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Root Vorteilspakete

ROOT - advantage packages

Benefit from ROOT’s advantage packages now!

The ROOT Brands' company mission is to give people a better understanding of how toxins and certain chemicals can harm our health. ROOT offers natural products that strengthen and detoxify the body from the base. They are organic, non-GMO and gluten free.

At ROOT we believe in inspiring people to positively shape their own lives in an authentic & honest way and to gain a greater awareness of natural well-being. We offer simple and effective products that can help you achieve a sustainable, happy and healthy lifestyle through the power of nature.

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Root VorteilspaketeROOT - Trinity Pack
ROOT - Trinity Pack Sale price233.95€
ROOT - Value PackROOT - Value Pack
ROOT - Value Pack Sale price166.95€
ROOT - TRINITY-PACK PLUS Sale price298.95€
ROOT - DUO-Pack Sale price233.95€
Dr. Cream packageDr. Cream package
Dr. Cream package Sale price376.95€
Bill & Coo by ROOT - BC Powder PackBill & Coo by ROOT - BC Powder Pack
Performance PackPerformance Pack
Performance Pack Sale price253.95€
CS Value PackCS Value Pack
CS Value Pack Sale price166.92€

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