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The air and room cleaning system

  • Pure power and outstanding design combined
  • Water-based filtration process
  • Innovative air and room cleaning system
  • Dry and wet cleaning
  • Air purification and air freshening
  • Long-lasting MagnetEco motor that works without brushes or carbon and produces no abrasion
  • High performance with low power consumption (730 watts in suction mode, 200 watts in air purification mode)

More information about Hyla

January Special - Hyla Duster Set plus a Rapida for free

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The Hyla is anything but a mundane vacuum cleaner. The Hyla is a sophisticated system for air and room cleaning. The appliance has a high-quality finish and, according to the manufacturer, should have a service life of between 15-20 years. We have taken a closer look at the components and are extremely impressed by the quality and believe it. As the Hyla runs on water and is very energy-efficient, the follow-up costs are extremely low. The system is self-cleaning and maintenance-free.

The purchase costs of the Hyla are definitely high, but only at first glance. A Hyla is not a clumsy household appliance! In our eyes, the Hyla is a real investment in your home hygiene and therefore in your health. We've done the math. If you handle the appliance with care and the Hyla remains loyal to you for 20 years, then we're talking about just 30-35 cents per day that you invest in living quality, living hygiene and your health.

Walgenbach philosophy


Hyla suits us and our Walgenbach philosophy, because we only offer products that convince us 100% and that are in harmony with nature, with a healthy, sustainable and yet modern lifestyle. That's why we sat down with Hyla and discussed a sales partnership. The many positive impressions on site made it easy for us to make a decision. For this reason, you can now use our Walgenbach platform in conjunction with our Hyla partner store to create your personal offer and then conveniently order the Hyla.