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Walgenbach Hemp Oils

CBD: Made from flowers and leaves

Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from flowers and leaves of the female hemp plant. It is one of the best known cannabinoids . Unlike THC, it is neither psychoactive nor intoxicating. Its positive properties speak for themselves: CBD can have anti-inflammatory, soothing, relaxing, pain-relieving, and regenerating effects.

Our CBD oils are generally very well tolerated. They are quickly absorbed through the oral mucosa and have an effect of up to nine hours, depending on the dosage.

CBD oils

Great potential

Walgenbach CBG Oils

Another cannabinoid from the hemp plant is cannabigerol (CBG,). CBG is mainly found in young, not yet fully developed plants cannabis plants and is the precursor to CBD.

The phytocannabinoid is also said to have a positive effect on the treatment of flaky skin, it is said to improve sleep and can brighten the mood. In contrast to CBD, CBG stimulates the appetite. CBG is particularly effective when combined with CBD.

CBG oils

Strong together

The still largely unknown cannabinoid

Cannabichromene (CBC) is found only in low concentrations in cannabis. Nevertheless, it is medically effective and can be used therapeutically.

Our CBC oil is a mixture of CBD oil and a CBC isolate. CBC isolates act in synergy with other cannabinoids (entourage effect). The effects of CBC are diverse: the cannabinoid can fight bacteria and fungi, inhibit inflammation, relieve pain, and soothe. CBC is also said to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.



A new star in the cannabinoid sky

Cannabinol (CBN), just like THC and CBD, is a phytocannabinoid from the cannabis plant. However, Cannabis Sativa does not produce CBN itself. It is created through chemical processes where dried cannabis is exposed to the air for long periods of time.

CBN is said to have a wide spectrum of positive effects. While all available studies to date are still in the early stages, experts believe that CBN can relieve pain, positively influence sleep, and have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic effects.

Its best property, however, is said to be its sedative effect. According to U.S. researchers, the substance can compete with prescription drugs. The entourage effect with other cannabinoids and terpenes is said to be responsible for this. 


Walgenbach's skin preparations

For when our protective skin barrier needs protection

Our skin is our largest organ. The skin functions as a barrier, protecting our body from drying out and shielding it from pathogens and sunlight. However, in situations where the skin is highly sensitive, it gets out of balance. Once the natural barrier is disturbed, the skin feels rough, pale and inelastic, and is vulnerable to dirt particles and bacteria.

The CBD oil contained in our Face Cream and Bodylotion encompasses a balance of valuable unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin B1, vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. This natural combination of active substances strengthens the skin barrier. Good to know: the stronger the natural skin barrier, the more resilient it reacts to attacks from outside.

Walgenbach's products for pets

On top of the paw-pularity scale

The relationship between pets and humans is very special. Our beloved pets, just like us humans, deal with anxiety, uncertainty and stress. Small things such as unknown scents or surroundings can increase stress-levels of dogs and cats. 

Our CBD oil can level these symptoms out by reducing anxiety without having psychoactive effects.

On top of that: Walgenbach’s CBD oil does not only increase tranquility and well-being, it also settles the stomach and the digestive tract. Furthermore, it has soothing effects in cases of anxiety and stress, and can relax muscular tensions. Even in cases of infections or wounds our CBD oil can be used to fight inflammation.

Altogether, our beloved pets can benefit to a great extent from the gentle effect of our CBD oils.

The Walgenbach

Quality promise

Walgenbach-Products are produced according to the highest quality standards in Switzerland. Our hemp extracts, carrier oils, and aromas are all organically certified, and free of pesticides and heavy metals. The entire manufacturing process, ranging from the seed to the finalized oil, takes place within a family-run company according to the state of the art. This structure guarantees full control over the entire production chain.

We believe that the best hemp quality can only be produced using ancestral cultivation methods with fresh spring water from the Swiss Alps.

In order to guarantee the highest quality products, we only produce in small batches and do without mass production and high inventory levels. This ensures that our oils are always as fresh as possible.

To best protect the high-quality ingredients from the light within our oils, we only use high-quality Miron jars (violet glass) with a practical pipette.

Looking good starts with your skin

Current dermatological findings show that CBD oils can help with skin problems. Whether it's irritated, red, dry, blemished or sagging skin, the natural oils can regulate moisture, protect cells, reduce sebum production and promote skin regeneration.

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Lotion for your skin

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CBD body lotion 200ml


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