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Was sind MyImpulse Power Tropfen?

My Impulse Power drops - frequency power for sport & everyday life

100% vegan
Laboratory tested
invigorates body & mind
regulates the body's own frequency
Unique technology
Made in Germany
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My Impulse Power drops - frequency power for sport & everyday life

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100% vegan
Laboratory tested
invigorates body & mind
regulates the body's own frequency
Unique technology
Made in Germany
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How do the MyImpulse Power drops work?

Reduce cell stress-optimize cell communication

More and more electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, radiation in cars, but also mobile phone and electricity pylons are disrupting our natural cell vibrations in the body. A disturbed frequency can then be between 30 and 140 Hz. This means that cell communication in the body is disrupted.

The body's natural and optimal cell vibration in a radiation-free room is between 62 - 65 Hz. In this state, optimal cell communication is ensured.

With BF technology (bio-frequency), a balancing frequency is stored in the elderflower syrup of My Impulse drops. This is sent to every cell in our body after ingestion, thereby balancing out the "bad" frequency. The optimum cell communication of 62-65 Hz is restored.

Consequences of disturbed cell communication:


"The medicine of the future will be the medicine of frequencies."
- Albert Einstein

What are My Impulse Power drops?

MyImpulse Power drops are based on an energized syrup. The product is a dietary supplement that is enriched with vitamins B6 and B12. Through a special process, a balancing frequency is stored in the syrup (see BF technology) which leads to the cell mass in the human organism being re-frequented.

Who are My Impulse Power drops suitable for?

MyImpulse Power Drops are the perfect solution for athletes and anyone with low energy.

The unique formula was originally developed to legally optimize the performance potential of high performance athletes and increase the overall energy level in the body (see "The Mission of MyImpulse")

Whether you are a high performance athlete, a regular exerciser or simply want to support your active lifestyle, MyImpulse Power Drops will give you the energy boost you need to achieve your goals.

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage is 2x 5 drops per day.

How quickly and for how long do the drops work?

The drops work for approx. 12 hours and within a few seconds of ingestion. You should move actively after taking the drops to activate them.

Are there any side effects?

No. There are no known side effects, unless there is an individual allergy to one of the ingredients.

What happens if I overdose?

There is no danger of overdosing. We expressly point out at this point that an overdose does not increase the effect.

How long does a bottle last?

One bottle contains 20ml. This corresponds to 400 drops. If you take the recommended daily dose of 2x5 drops, the bottle will last for 40 days.

What is the shelf life of the drops?

The material base of the drops consists of elderberry syrup. The drops have a minimum shelf life of 12 months. The best-before date can be found on the bottom of the carton and on the label.

Do I have to store the drops in the refrigerator?

The drops should be stored in a cool place and protected from light. At higher room temperatures, e.g. in midsummer, we recommend storing them in the refrigerator.

Where are the frequency drops produced?

The frequency drops are produced in Germany using carefully selected raw materials.

Why do I find so little information on the website about the health-related effects of the frequency drops?

MyImpulse drops are a food supplement and not a medicinal product. According to the strict EU Health Claims Regulation, health claims on foods are prohibited unless they have been authorized by the Commission in accordance with the said Regulation and included in a list of permitted claims. You can find this list of permitted claims here:

Are MyImpulse frequency drops on the doping list?

NO! The MyImpuls Power drops are listed in the so-called Cologne List®. This means that the necessary laboratory analysis for anabolic-androgenic steroids and stimulants was carried out on 30.08.2019 without any objections.

Why can't I order the drops in the Walgenbach Shop?

The company MyImpulse has decided not to operate wholesale with online stores or online platforms in order to be able to control the distribution channels. You can therefore only buy the frequency drops online via our partner link on the manufacturer's website.