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Bill & Coo by ROOT - Pure Clean Pets

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Water, orthosilicic acid, ascorbic acid, vitamin C and potassium sorbate


Pure Clean Pets is a dietary supplement that safely and effectively removes environmental toxins and heavy metals from your pets. Pure Clean Pets is derived from Clean Slate, but the formula has been modified to improve the bioavailability of the product for animals.


  • For large pets, start with 3 - 4 drops twice daily and increase the dose up to 10 drops twice daily.
  • For small pets, start with 1 - 2 drops twice a day and increase the dose up to 5 drops twice a day.

** Make sure your pet is getting enough water.

Table of nutrients or other substances
Amount per dose: 10 drops
Amount per container: 60
Amount per serving % daily value
Vitamin C 14mg
Contient: Ingredients: Water, orthosilicic acid, ascorbic acid, [vitamin C], and potassium sorbate.