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Cream Roast 500g

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Rahm Roast presents a revolutionary and refreshing coffee bean. As a specialty coffee with an SCA score of 84 and as a single-origin coffee, this coffee is truly something special. We focus on using high quality beans from a region in Guatemala known for fair trade and organic farming. The beans are then mixed with an exclusive formula developed by Dr. Cream developed detoxification solution cleaned and roasted. This solution is a patent-pending technology that gives the final product numerous beneficial properties.

Most plant-based foods are contaminated with toxins, mold and fungi that pose a threat to our health. This problem is known to be severe in coffee beans. By using the information provided by Dr. The solution developed by Rahm Roast reduces contamination and thus creates a “clean slate” for your beans.

The taste and aroma profile of Rahm Roast is unique due to this cleaning process. With a low acidity when brewing, the flavors of the bean come into their own. Customers receive a wonderfully balanced drink with hints of chocolate, almond and caramel. Our cleaning and roasting process transforms ordinary beans into extraordinary.

Ingredients: Roasted coffee, whole bean

Altitude : 1700 m above sea level ie M.
Variety : Arabica, 100% from Guatemala
Process : Washing
Origin : Guatemala
Region : Huehuetenango
Roasting : Medium - masterfully roasted in Turkey
Intensity : Balanced
Volume : Medium and balanced
Taste : Dark chocolate, earthy, almond and caramel

Contents: 1 pack of 500 grams

Suitable for fully automatic coffee machines, portafilter machines and espresso makers